Our aesthetic is always evolving. Because each board has its own story, there are subtle variations in each batch of skateboard accessories!

After falling in love with the art of jewelry making, the results never seemed up to par. With the suggestion to use a broken skateboard to make skateboard accessories, Trebird was born.

The distinctive patina results from the scratches, gouges, and other wear-and-tear sustained from the boards rattling over Buffalo’s mean streets. Each and every skateboard accessory is handcrafted and never painted. All skateboard accessories gets their multi-hued colors from the original plys and graphics of each board. They are then hand shaped, sanded, and finished with a clear coat and associated hardware.

Not only can you get our skateboard accessories at our Etsy shop, but at Phatman Boardshop at 2889 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, and Paperish Mess at 1955 West Chicago Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

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