Shop Local | Buffalo, New York

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10544234_10152299763875886_935959816029482126_oWhen I moved to Buffalo at the mere age of 18, I can say with complete confidence I didn’t give a second thought as to where I spent my money. After living in Buffalo for the past 7 years, I’ve learned about the importance of supporting your local community.

As local vendors flood the streets at the Elmwood Art Festival this weekend, it’s humbling to be a part of a city that is so talented, creative, and truly supportive. If you couldn’t make it to the festival today, try to head out tomorrow and see what the city of Buffalo has to offer. From food trucks, to beautiful jewelry designs, to stunning ceramic pieces I’ve ever seen, spend your Sunday at the Elmwood Art Festival.

Instead of heading to one of the big corporations for your shopping needs, keep in mind that most of the money that you spend at a “mom and pop” shop stays within that community and helps drive economic development. I understand trying to shop local ALL of the time can be difficult so I encourage YOU to start small.



As the dreaded winter is approaching, try to think, shop, and eat local. Not only will you get unique gift items, but you’re helping small business owners put that money back into the community.

Want to shop local, but not sure where to start? Give the Buffalo Etsy Team a look and help support the number of designers and creators in the Buffalo, NY area!